Getting Started

Ready to launch your Phonics Hero Child Accounts? Here’s what you need to know:

Playing Through a Computer or Our App

  • If children are playing on a computer, we recommend you use the Chrome internet browser.
  • Students can access their Child Account on iPads and compatible Android tablets too. Teachers and parents will need to download the app from the App Store or click the images below.
Apple Store Google Play

How to Manage and Monitor Your Child Accounts – an Overview

Get the Child Accounts Ready to Send Out

Any last minute changes to the logins?

For example: name, class or password. Teachers can update them within the Teacher Account by following the steps in this video:

YouTube video

Set children off on the right level

Starting the children off on the right foot is imperative. Whilst we run an initial Placement Test, it will only put children up to level 7 (it would get tiresome to be tested on all 44 phonemes in one go). For older or more advanced students who require a level higher than 7, you should move children before they log in. Watch how to adjust a level:

YouTube video

Stop children from zooming too far ahead

Set a schedule to stop children from rushing through the levels too quickly. It works like a brick wall, not letting children go any further. This video explains how to use our scheduling tool:

YouTube video

Sending Logins Home

Handy login cards for each student

Put them on lanyards or stick them in their diaries or Reading Records. Watch this video and learn how to download the Name Cards:

YouTube video

Send a letter home

Share information about Phonics Hero with parents and send home their login details using this letter. We also have Spanish and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) translations. If you want to copy and paste the logins into a document, you can download an Excel spreadsheet of the logins by following these steps:

YouTube video

Keep the Children Engaged

Regular use is the key to progression and success in Phonics Hero. Set regular dates in your diary to remind parents of their login details and to use Phonics Hero at home. At this point, be sure to make adjustments to children’s level throughout the year. It would be worth adjusting levels after each periodic phonics assessment. We’ve written up our experience on how the most engaged schools use Phonics Hero.

Track Progress

Check out the reports in your Teacher Account and track how the children are doing. Based on their results, you may want to adjust their level or use the information to plan your next phonics lesson. Watch this guided tour of the reporting features:

YouTube video

Our User Guides and Videos

Superpower your Phonics Hero knowledge with our PDF guides and video tutorials.

User guides

Additional resources

Support From Phonics Hero

We’re really proud of the support we give our customers so feel free to ask us anything on

We look forward to working with you towards your school’s reading and spelling success!