Add More Child Accounts to Your Trial

Our trial wizard allows you to add 30 children to your trial at one time. You can add more than 30 by following these steps:

Log in > Manage Accounts> Classes & Students section

  1. Click the name of the class you want to add the Child Accounts to. If they’re for a new class, first you will need to add the teacher and then add the class.
  2. Class Name

  3. Click the green ‘Add/Buy Accounts’ button and select: ‘Add more Child Accounts to my trial’.
  4. add-buy-accounts

  5. Enter the number of students you want to add. The maximum number you can add at one time is 30. To add more, repeat this process as many times as needed.
  6. Next, enter the children’s names or other identifying information (student ID or initials, for example).
  7. Your new Child Accounts have been added! Click ‘Download Name Cards’ to save your PDF of Name Cards with login details to distribute to the children.

Export an Excel of details

Click the blue ‘Export Report’ button at the top right of ‘Manage Accounts’.

Export Excel

This is useful for copying and pasting details into a letter/email or online learning platforms, or for your records.

Watch our how-to video: 

YouTube video

Author: Phonics Hero

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