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    “The kids are loving it so much more with their own accounts! One child had 60% attendance last term and so far this term she is sitting at 80%. I think giving her the incentive of using Phonics Hero every day she comes to school has been helping!”

    Naomi Nagorcka, Roxburgh Park Primary School, Australia – 1 August 2019

    “I’m so excited – in a matter of one month of Phonics Hero, my students’ reading levels have increased 1 reading level. The students are loving it and are making so many reading and writing connections.”

    Valerie Whitehead, Juan Seguin Elementary, United States – 17 December 2018

    “I wish you could see how the children’s faces light up when I tell them we are using Phonics Hero in Literacy Stations. My Kindy kids have made incredible progress this term using this Synthetic Phonics program. I love it!!!!”

    Hazel Gruskin, Mount Sinai College, Australia – 28 March 2018

    “Whole class activities on the Smartboard are going well and, as always, Phonics Hero is hugely popular. You would be amazed at how well the children are reading and writing!”

    Arianne Burnie, Mount Sinai College, Australia – 5 September 2017

    “The kids are loving Phonics Hero and progressing too. I am finding that it is successful both for struggling learners and the more able ones. Also, the conversations between them are great!”

    Carol Pelle, Meadows Primary School, Australia – 3 September 2017

    “The children love Phonics Hero and ask to play regularly. I use the games to play with the whole group once or twice a week. I definitely noticed that the children are advancing with their phonics at a quicker rate than previous years so I think the games really make a difference!”

    Joanna Ferreira, Moore Park Gardens Preschool, Australia – 2 May 2017

    I am definitely a fan! My children absolutely loved their ‘hero training’ and I saw great improvements in both their segmenting and blending.

    Beth Quarmby, St George’s International School, Germany – 3 March 2017

    My students love using Phonics Hero as part of our Literacy Block each day! They are becoming more confident and willing to take risks in their learning. They all even celebrate each other when one unlocks a new hero!

    Sarah Lehmstedt, Belvoir Special School, Australia – 10 November 2016

    Already seeing improvement with my son in prep and loving the reports for my students in year 2…excellent for Reading Recovery!

    Heather Dewatteville, Worongary State School, Australia – 22 July 2016

    The Ladybird Class are absolutely loving the program and are progressing very well. We are finding it super easy to incorporate into our literacy block; it really is a joy to use and a fabulous teaching tool.

    Elizabeth Brown, German Swiss International School, Hong Kong – 8 March 2016

    My students absolutely love Phonics Hero and are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to play the games at home. They don’t see it as homework or even as a lesson, but rather a game. I must say that this program is making such a difference with my students, especially the ones who struggle with reading and phonemic awareness. I have seen so much improvement in class as a result of Phonics Hero.

    Hajir Alsalami, Al-Faisal College, NSW, Australia – 25 September 2015

    I have seen a huge improvement in my Kindy children’s letter recognition and the speed in which they are now able to locate and remember. Some are even starting to blend the CVC words. It is a fantastic program!

    Susan Craig, Rangeway Primary School, WA, Australia – 21 September 2015

    I have one student using Phonics Hero that previously had difficulty recognising digraphs like ‘ch’ ‘sh’ and ‘th’ which effected her reading (she would sound out the letters individually). She is now recognising them and her reading is progressing. The report card section is also really useful to see how they are progressing.

    Claire Roberts, QLD, Australia – 5 June 2015

    The kids are loving the interactive games! The repetition is great and the consistency of the program means students know what to do but get excited about the new and different characters (they love Super Ted!).

    Lauren Stretton, Covenant Christian School, NSW, Australia – 24 May 2015

    The children love it. It allows for whole class interaction and it’s multi-sensory. It reinforces our explicit teaching to give the extra practice children need.

    Wendy Altman, Kesser Torah College, Sydney, Australia – 7 November 2014

    The children love Phonics Hero. I use it in learning support to reinforce the teaching I have done. I love how gradual it is, how it’s not too busy – it’s perfect for those children who need that extra help.

    Laura Nelis, Knockmore Primary, UK – 20 October 2014

    The students at our Academy who use Phonics Hero consistently make really solid learning progress.

    Michael Sullivan, Director of Mr Michael’s Academy, Hong Kong – 8 January 2014

    I’ve tried a few of the games at the various levels. I really appreciate how step by step they are in skill development. I also watched some of the teaching tips for parents… they are GREAT!

    Libby Brook, Private Tutor, USA – 3 January 2014

    With Phonics Hero your child will not only re-enforce and practice his newly acquired knowledge, he will also have hours of fun and not even notice how much he is learning too.

    Teacher and author of “The Hare and the Tortoise” – 19 November 2013

    The children had so much fun playing with Phonics Hero today! This is by far THE BEST program for teaching early reading skills. We are using it as a teaching tool in the first and last 5 min of every class now, but you might like to let them have a go at home.

    Emily Wright (Owner of tutoring centre Kinderschool), Vic, Australia – 3 November 2013

    I just recommended this to all our followers and clients, as it is such a fabulous program. My 5 year old is LOVING it and I am so impressed at how each skill is addressed through the games! Well done! About time there was something this great on the market!

    Owner of Brainstastics.com.au – 7 May 2013

    My kids just love Phonics Hero. They’re highly engaged and their work has just come on so well because of that engagement. I use it to reinforce; I do the introduction myself and then I use it to reinforce. I then use it for assistance with some children who are having problems learning their phonemes. That they have some extra time with it too, so it’s become an extra teacher for me.

    Sue Yee, Grays Point Public School, Sydney, 11 January 2013

    The children like the variety of games, there’s lots of girl’s games, boy’s games. They don’t think they are learning, they think they are playing games.

    Vicki Illias, Greys Point Public School, Sydney, 11 January 2013

    Learning Support Teachers

    I introduce it to kids in the first year of school, and by year 4 they are still asking me to play it. Especially the boys.

    Jacqui Stewart, Learning Support Teacher, Hong Kong, 24 November 2014

    It is one of my very, very favourite programs for children aged 4-7 (and even little older) who are still learning the absolute basics about letters and sound… It has simple graphics and activities, crisp sounds, funny rewards, helpful hints, and a well-organised teaching sequence…

    Speech Pathologist, Alison Clarke, Spelfabet – 19 April 2014

    Phonics Hero has been a great motivator for some of my reluctant learners and another avenue to keep students engaged in the complex task of learning to read, write and spell. I am impressed by the way that sounds can be easily manipulated within words, so that students continue to develop their phonemic awareness alongside their phonic skills.

    Learning Difficulties Consultant, Kristin Anthian, 13 November 2013

    Boys and girls are equally motivated and I even had one of our most reluctant readers ask if he could use his lunch break to play the Troll Game.

    Jacqui Stewart, Year 1 teacher, Canadian International School, Hong Kong, 7 March 2013

    The feedback on Phonics Hero was instant, particularly from one parent whose child has lots of learning issues. She was just taken aback by the improvement in her son over a two week period.

    Sue Yee, Gray’s Point Public School, Sydney, 11 January 2013

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