Teacher’s Management Tools

What Teachers Can Do With Child Accounts:

Phonics Hero is built for teachers who want to actively manage their students’ online phonics learning by adjusting levels, real-time attainment reporting, scheduling learning and updating student information.


1) Report on Progress

Incorporate Phonics Hero into your assessment and see instantly how each child, or the whole class, is progressing with live reports. The reports will look at each level, skill (sounds, reading, spelling, tricky word reading, tricky word spelling and sentences) and sub-skill within that skill.

reports-students-subskillsE.g. for the sounds, teachers can view what each child achieved for ‘s’ vs ‘a’ and so on.

You can also:

  • Download reports for offline discussions.
  • Look at averages by class and compare.
  • Track patterns in class learning.

YouTube video
Learn more about our reporting features.

2) Report on Usage

Just like your home readers, you will want to monitor use and encourage children and parents to play. You can looks at the last login and the time spent playing across different time periods.

2) Schedule Learning

Stop children zooming through levels by setting a maximum they can reach before a set date (a schedule). You might like to use these as homework goals.

YouTube video
See the scheduling tool in action.

3) Update and Change Student Information

Each child is assigned their own Child Account and it will be linked to their class and teacher. The teacher assigned to that class will then be able to control their student’s accounts by:

  • Setting whole class or individual student start levels – alternatively, you can let the placement test assign students to the correct level.
  • Resetting accounts – if a student leaves and you want to ‘recycle’ the account for a new student.
  • Updating accounts – changing passwords or adding/changing names.
  • Adding new classes – you can group children by ability rather than as a whole class – add as many classes as you like!

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