Phonics Hero Academy; Supporting Paraprofessionals to Become Expert Phonics Instructors

Paraprofessionals, or educational assistants, can struggle to teach phonics effectively, especially within the framework of the Science of Reading. It’s crucial you arm them with phonics teaching skills. 

The Phonics Hero Academy provides comprehensive training and mentoring to equip educational assistants to give students quality phonics instruction. The program is designed to reduce human error by providing students with systematic and explicit lessons that get results. 

In this 12-week program, your paraprofessionals will receive:

Training in how to teach phonics:

  • Delivery of systematic and explicit lessons
  • Administration phonics & spelling screener

Mentorship with a phonics expert:

  • Observation & feedback sessions
  • Weekly live mentoring sessions
  • Word recognition & spelling strategies

Data to show our impact:

  • Instructor phonics knowledge growth
  • Student word recognition growth

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