Training on Using Phonics Hero

Our training options are flexible – from our short video overviews and free live demos of the Phonics Hero games and Phonics Lessons to paid personalised training sessions on synthetic phonics.

three images in a row. In the first, a woman sits behind a desk holding a laptop with the screen pointed toward the camaera. In the second, a woman stands onstage in front of a projector image of a child using an interactive whiteboard, and in the third a man and a woman look at a computer screen

Free Phonics Hero Training

Recorded session

Watch a 30-minute webinar on either the Child Accounts or the Phonics Lessons.

Your own remote session

Book a free demo to learn how to use Phonics Hero in your classroom.

Limited time?

Watch a 6-minute overview of the teacher tools and watch the 5-minute tours of the Phonics Lessons.

Personalised Synthetic Phonics Training

You will see the greatest impact from Phonics Hero if teachers understand the scientific backbone of it: synthetic phonics. Our phonics experts are available for two-hour to full-day systematic, synthetic phonics workshops.

2 hours – AU$550/US$380/£325

  • The differences between synthetic phonics and analytic phonics
  • The key elements of synthetic phonics: explicitly teaching the 44 sounds, blending, segmenting and tricky words
  • Phonics Hero’s letter-sound scope, sequences, and the importance of pace
  • What a great phonics lesson looks like
  • An overview of the Phonics Hero games and our no-prep Phonics Lessons

Half-day – AU$1,000/US$690/£590

Everything in the 2-hour workshop plus:

  • The importance of introducing blending and segmenting as early as possible
  • An explicit phonics lesson: letter sounds, handwriting, blending, segmenting and tricky words
  • How to use Phonics Hero’s no-prep Phonics Lessons
  • Using Phonics Hero activities to consolidate student learning

Full-day – AU$1,400/US$975/£825

Everything in the half-day workshop plus:

  • Using decodable readers to practice synthetic phonics skills
  • Promoting independent writing
  • Using Phonics Hero to consolidate and assess student learning
  • A look at more hands-on activities to incorporate into your lessons
Enquire About a Session With Our Expert Trainers

Note: Face-to-face training sessions will incur travel costs in addition to the prices listed above.