Send Children on a Phonics Hero Adventure!

Give your students hours upon hours of extra reading and spelling practice with Phonics Hero’s kid-approved phonics games! You’ll see your students’ phonics skills flourish as they systematically move through our 850 synthetic phonics games, at home or school.

The Child Accounts Explained

How the Child Account Works:

We’ll give you a set of login cards with a unique username and password for each child. Once you’ve distributed these, children can play at home or school, on a computer, iPad or Android tablet. As a teacher, you will also be able to manage your Child Accounts: change levels, set homework, monitor progress and reset or amend accounts.

The storyline

Children set off on a mission to rescue their superhero friends: Flight, X-Ray, Stretch, Speedy, Strong and Invisibility, who have been locked up by Dr. Lazy Bones. In Part 2, children lock up the escaped baddies. And finally, in Part 3, children take on Dr. Lazy Bones to be crowned the champion of reading and spelling!

Phonics Hero Part One. Part One

Phonics Hero Part Two. Part Two

Phonics Hero Part Three. Part Three

Watch the Part 1 Mission Video

The skills being practised

Icon image showing level 2 progression.

To complete a level, and a rescue a hero, children play 40 games which move through six essential synthetic phonics skills: knowing the sounds, reading, spelling, camera/tricky word reading, camera/tricky word spelling and sentence reading.

Content in an English, American or Australian accent

Because we pronounce words differently across the English-speaking world, it’s important that children play phonics games in the accent they hear day to day. That’s why Phonics Hero is available in multiple accents.

Motivating at every step

By playing the games, children earn star points. At any point in playing, children can visit the Star Shop; to buy hover boots, shields and lots more! All these goodies are then hidden in the secret hideout. Additional star points can also be earned by clicking the superhero leader, Zak, when he turns up in the games.

Image showing Phonics Hero child rewards shop.

HUGE variety of games

The games are wacky and a little bit… kooky! One minute children are feeding hungry tigers, the next they are decorating lambs – and then there are those pesky flies to swat! The games are hugely varied to ensure children stay engaged.

Games banner image.

850+ unique games over 26 levels