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Here are 5 examples from our 850 games in an English accent. When you sign up you will be prompted to choose an accent: English, American or Australian.

Step 1 – Know

Swat the flies. Your child learns a group of sounds and matches the sound with a letter.

Step 2 – Read

Which tree does the ghost live in? Your child learns to blend (or glue) these sounds together to read unknown words.

Step 3 – Spell

Help Geoffrey the Giraffe eat his ice-cream. Next your child is taught to listen for the sounds in a word and to identify the letter associated with it – spelling!

Step 4 – Reading camera/tricky words

Help the witch make a magic potion. Camera/tricky words, such as ‘the’ and ‘was’ are harder to read but are essential because they occur so often in children’s books and writing.

Step 5 – Spelling camera/tricky words

Slime the sleeping babysitter with the Jelly. Next, your child learns to spell these tricky words so they can move onto writing sentences.

Step 6 – Sentence reading

Help herd the cows. We put all these skills together to read sentences and stories; growing your child’s confidence and love of reading!

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