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Try some of our games to see how Phonics Hero makes learning to read and spell fun and motivating!

To try Phonics Hero with your child, simply click on an image below to load a game (please note: these ‘test’ games will only work on a computer. Sign up for a free trial to play using our iPad or Android tablet app).

Know icon image of cartoon eyeballs.Skill 1 – Knowing the sounds

try Phonics Hero sounds game

More than six step-by-step games, your child learns a group of sounds and to match it to its corresponding letter.

In this final ‘Know’ game from Level 1, your child swats the flies for the eight sounds: s, a, t, p, m, c, g, o.

Read icon of an open book.Skill 2 – Reading words with the sounds

try Phonics Hero blending sounds game

Now, your child learns to blend (or glue) the sounds together to read unknown words.

In this game, your child will blend the sounds together to read the word and help the ghost find his house!

Write icon of a pencil.Skill 3 – Spelling words with the sounds

try Phonics Hero spelling game

Next, your child will listen for the sounds in a word and learn to represent each sound with a letter – spelling! Your child says the word ‘pot’ and identifies that they can hear a ‘p’ sound which is represented by the letter ‘p’, an ‘o’ sound represented by the letter ‘o’, and so on…

With each correct answer, watch the Giraffe’s neck grow to eat the ice-cream!

CW Read icon of a book and screen.Skill 4 – Reading camera/tricky words

try Phonics hero camera words game

Tricky words, such as ‘the’ and ‘was’, are difficult to decode but essential to learn because they are so critical in reading or writing a sentence. At Phonics Hero we call these ‘camera words’.

Here, your child reads the tricky words to help the witch make her magic potion.

CW Write icon of a pencil and screen.Skill 5 – Spelling camera/tricky words

try Phonics hero camera word spell game

Children learn to spell these tricky words so they can move onto writing sentences.

Here, your child is spelling tricky words to slime the babysitter!

Sentence icon of a stack of books.Skill 6 – Reading sentences

try Phonics hero reading sentences game

We put all the learned skills together to conquer sentences and begin your child’s adventure into independent reading!

Here, your child reads phrases or sentences to help the spaceship herd the cows.

Worksheets IconSkill 7 – Worksheets


Parents can also purchase our worksheet packs to practise so children can apply their learning.

Have a look at a sample reading worksheet or purchase a worksheet pack.

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