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Phonics Worksheet Packs

Used in thousands of classrooms all over the world, our popular phonics worksheets are now available for parents to buy for use at home.

“Every morning, Nieve gets ten minutes of Phonics Hero and then completes a worksheet. She loves showing off and getting to tick the boxes, just like a big girl!

Toby Oddy, parent of Nieve 3.5 years old.

With worksheets covering each of the skills and levels your child faces in Phonics Hero, it is the perfect complementary resource to boost your child’s reading and spelling skills.

Download a free sample of each skill’s worksheet by clicking on the worksheet images below.

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Buy one individual part for US$8* or all 3 parts for US$20* – a 17% discount!

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buy phonics worksheets - all

Parts 1-3 covering levels 1 – 26 in Phonics Hero.

218 worksheets in total.


buy phonics worksheets - part 1

Part 1 covering levels 1-6 in Phonics Hero.

60 worksheets in total.


buy phonics worksheets - part 2

Part 2 covering levels 7-12 in Phonics Hero.

60 worksheets in total.


buy phonics worksheets - part 3

Part 3 covering levels 13-26 in Phonics Hero.

98 worksheets in total.


*Although you will be charged in USD, for ease of reference these prices (at time of writing) equate to approximately:

  • US$8 = AU$11 / HK$60 / £6
  • US$20 = AU$27 / HK$150 / £15

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