Camera Words in Phonics Hero

Our tricky words are called ‘camera words’ in Phonics Hero games. They are irregular, high-frequency words – words like ‘was’, ‘are’ and ‘the’. These words are tricky to decode but essential for children to progress onto reading and writing sentences.

In every level of Part 1 and 2 of Phonics Hero, there are six camera words. The camera word games will always appear on a ‘photo card’ to highlight to children that they should be employing a different skill.

camera words in Phonics Hero

Once children have played the reading and spelling camera word games, they then move onto using the camera words within a sentence. You will notice that the camera words, within a sentence, are always bolded. This is to indicate to children that they must employ a different skill to read these words.

Our Camera Words:

Level Camera Words Level Camera Words
1 I, was, are, the, to, she 7 one, some, want, many, love, has
2 day, a, today, of, he, for 8 people, live, brother, sister, house, where
3 all, me, they, is, no, said 9 her, out, there, about, his, down
4 you, this, my, play, come, have 10 because, two, another, more, here, our
5 like, says, going, do, what, give 11 friend, their, were, your, could, four
6 away, look, once, see, very, we 12 half, first, good, girl, saw, would

Some of the Camera Words Become Decodable

You will notice that some camera words are decodable, words like, ‘play’ and ‘she’. We include them in our list because they are very high frequency (and therefore needed to succeed in reading or writing a sentence) but include parts of the phonics code not yet learned.

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