Your Child – a Phonics Hero!

Phonics Hero Part One. Part One

Phonics Hero Part Two. Part Two

Phonics Hero Part Three. Part Three

In Part One of Phonics Hero, your child is on a mission to rescue their superhero friends: Flight, X-Ray, Stretch, Speedy, Strong and Invisibility, who have been locked up by Dr. Lazy Bones. By completing the six essential Synthetic Phonics skills (knowing the sounds, reading, spelling, camera/tricky word reading, camera/tricky word spelling and sentence reading) a hero is rescued!

Icon image showing level 2 progression.

In Part Two, your child plays reading and spelling games to lock up the escaped baddies! The games now focus on all the different ways to spell a sound; for example: ‘ay’ and ‘ai’ both representing the long ‘a’ sound, like in ‘paid’ and ‘day’.

And finally, in Part Three, your child completes the Synthetic Phonics code, taking on Dr.Lazy Bones to be crowned the champion of reading and spelling!

Motivating at Every Step of the Synthetic Phonics Journey

By playing the games children earn star points. At any point in playing, children can visit the ‘star shop’ to buy hover boots, shields and lots more! All these goodies are then stored in the secret hideout. Additional star points can also be earned by clicking the superhero leader, Zak, when he turns up in the games.

shop and secret hideoutThe Shop and the Secret Hideout.

Fun, Lively and Varied Synthetic Phonics Games

Available through a computer or the iPad or Android tablet app, you’ll find the games are wacky and a little … kooky! Children are feeding hungry tigers, decorating lambs swatting pesky flies and more! Have a go at the games here.

Games banner image.

850+ games over 26 levels

My son absolutely LOVES it! So far, he especially likes swatting the flies. Oh, and the ghosts… and being able to ‘buy’ some inline skates and a drumkit for his hideout!”

Melissa Kelly, Melbourne

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