No-Prep Phonics Lessons at Home

Do you want to teach your child to read and spell at home? Our click-and-go Phonics Lessons give parents the interactive tools to teach the sounds, blending to read, segmenting to spell and tricky words.

Everything You Need to Teach Your Child to Read and Spell!

Included in your 1-year subscription is:

  • Unlimited access to three years of phonics curriculum in our click-and-go lessons.
  • 3,700 decodable words with sounds, blending, segmenting and vocabulary support.
  • 1,500 nonsense words to check your child can really read.
  • 2,400 word and picture supported sentences.
  • Tricky words included; explicitly teach them as single words and then in sentences
  • All words and sentences are grouped by difficulty, so you can make your lesson easier or harder.
  • The choice of an English, American or Australian accent.

An Example Homeschool Reading Lesson With No-Prep Phonics Lessons

Each of your lessons will last for approximately 10-15 minutes and can cover the sounds, reading and/or spelling when you use our no-prep Phonics Lessons.

A Year of Interactive Phonics Lessons for Only:

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usa add-on pricing superhero school $36

uk add-on pricing superhero school £29.99

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You can purchase access to our no-prep Phonics Lessons for one year from within your parent dashboard using a debit/credit card.

To start your free trial, log in to your account or sign up using the button below and click “Buy Phonics Lessons” in the left-hand menu.

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