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Alexa is 5 and started primary school this year. She was becoming distressed as she was finding it hard to keep up with her classmates. Her teacher recommended Phonics Hero. Within weeks of her using your program she started recognising more and more letters and words and has now caught up with the majority of her class!”

Lynette, Australia – 4 July 2019

Phonics Hero makes learning fun and enjoyable. It’s the only screen time game that I’m happy to give my kid. He is reading and spelling well and best of all enjoying it!”

Annie, Hong Kong – 2 November 2018

Phonics Hero has made reading and spelling fun and exciting. My daughter especially loves the sense of achievement she feels after completing every level. Thank you for creating a new experience each and every time she logs in.”

Brooke, Australia – 10 October 2018

My 6 year old has been using Phonics Hero this year in school & at home. Her reading and spelling has improved so much and she is now reading & spelling at a level well above what she needs to be for school. Highly recommend!”

Tania, Australia – 26 July 2018

Phonics Hero has made my son more confident and he loves to read now. Thank you Phonics Hero Team for your efforts.”

Amrita Bhatt, Hong Kong – 9 January 2018

My son happily sits down with Phonics Hero and enjoys the games and the challenge of completing levels. Our biggest problem is getting him to stop playing!”

Sarah, Australia – 15 November 2017

My son’s confidence soared when he started using this app – he was so motivated by the superhero theme. It really helped him persist when things got hard.”

Shay, Australia – 5 November 2017

With my son, maths was always his strongest but after using Phonics Hero he just loved it and still does! It’s engaging and he loves freeing the heroes so it keeps him motivated to keep going to see what hero gets saved next. Also his confidence has improved greatly and I love watching him understand and move forward with his learning. I definitely recommend this to my friends and family.”

Belynda, Australia – 23 October 2018

Phonics Hero is a great program for kids getting ready for kindergarten. I have seen significant improvement in my child’s reading abilities within six months of joining the program. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.”

IZ, Australia – 19 October 2017

Phonics Hero has single handedly caught my 5-year old up to peers whom she was trailing!”

Ian Hill, Australia – 17 May 2017

Phonics Hero has been amazing for both our children and they’re both now avid readers.”

Pauline Walker, Hong Kong – 22 February 2017

My son can read fluently now thanks partly to Phonics Hero, which he used loads. There is nothing holding Thomas back now!”

Mark Huttley, UK – 29 August 2016

Phonics Hero did my daughter a lot of good. It kept her engaged and interested with small doses of achievable lessons.”

Simon Barry, Hong Kong – 1 August 2016

Phonics Hero is a systematic program to let parents understand their child’s learning process and status. It also helps children to reinforce their phonics knowledge after class and promotes reading and spelling.”

Carmen Lee, Hong Kong – 30 May 2016 on Facebook

Together with reading at home and school work, I truly believe it was Phonics Hero that was the driver in teaching my girls to read very quickly and then to cement their phonics knowledge. My girls love to read and Phonics Hero made the initial journey fun and satisfying.”

Polly Walker, Hong Kong – 29 May 2016 on Facebook

Phonics Hero has been a wonderful literacy resource for our daughter. She has struggled with her literacy since she started school, but she has responded so well to the interactive nature of Phonics Hero. It’s fun, engaging and on her iPad so she loves it. Highly recommended!”

Rebecca Tomasis, Hong Kong – 26 May 2016 on Facebook

I have spent years trying to get my son interested in reading, bought numerous apps, books, resources and I can honestly say Phonics Hero is the only one he voluntarily plays and even chooses it over TV time! I am one very happy mum!”

Nicola Perkins, Hong Kong – 13 November 2015

Phonics Hero has been so helpful to my daughter – she has had massive problems identifying and hearing sounds in words when reading and spelling and also problems in concentrating generally. When we did the free trial she improved so much and so quickly that we bought Phonics Hero for her. I homeschool my kids, and knowing what I do about learning to read and spell, I am just so impressed with all the work, planning and clever implementation that went into Phonics Hero. We live in a developing country and so any special educational needs my daughter has, are provided for by me – Phonics Hero has been so helpful!”

Lucy Johnson, Djibouti, Africa – 10 August 2015

You know you’ve done something right when the kid asks to do ‘homework’ on the weekend! Well done for creating something that kids enjoy.”

Natasha Craig, NSW, Australia – 1 August 2015

Structured, systematic and stepwise introduction and integration of phonics, spelling and reading – yet all done wonderfully in such a fun way! My 4 year old son totally enjoys Phonics Hero. While having great fun, he effortlessly improves his spelling and reading skills.”

Angel Kwan, Hong Kong – 26 May 2015

Phonics Hero has given my son the inspiration to learn to read more effectively and do it without realising that he is ‘learning’ at the same time as he is having fun. He was a very poor reader with skills well below his year level. I have watched him go from being barely able to read to start to enjoy blending consonants and sounds to make words and read sentences.”

Ilana Leeds, Australia – 21 May 2015

My son is a huge fan. It’s an excellent and enjoyable means of him learning to read and write, whilst enjoying what he describes as a game – it therefore meets the needs of both kids and parents! Phonics Hero has certainly helped and advanced his phonics ability and enthusiasm of reading. Thank you!”

Dominic Orchard, Hong Kong – 5 January 2015

Phonics Hero is a wonderful tool for building a solid foundation for reading. My son’s reading has improved from level 11 in the beginning of the year to level 24 in 3 school terms! Thank you for this wonderful app!”

Janice Wun, NSW, Australia – 17 November 2014

By the very first night, after a full 30 minutes of playing, he was stringing letters together to form words. It was amazing! He was so proud of himself…and to think that prior to that night he did not know what sounds any letters of the alphabet made. I couldn’t have asked for a better program.”

Natalie, NSW, Australia – 20 Aug 2014

I have taught my 5 year old Prep (Foundation) child to read using your system and cannot speak highly enough of it. He is reading Level 20 at school at the moment and is learning to spell. He is flourishing.”

Helen James, Victoria, Australia – 27 October 2014

My daughters love Phonics Hero. I would like to thank the Phonics Hero team for making learning to read so much fun! I cannot recommend this program enough.”

Amanda Pratt, Hong Kong – 15 October 2014

Thanks for making such a fantastic product like Phonics Hero! My 6-year old son uses it, loves it and it definitely helps him to sound out words, read and spell which is what I was looking for.”

Michael Liu, Hong Kong – 13 October 2014

Both of my daughters, Aoife and Ashling, have used Phonics Hero in Year 1. Their reading skills are very advanced and they are both at the top of their classes in reading.”

Stephen Walshe, China – 7 July 2014

Whoever designed this should be given an award. The best I’ve ever found. Mountains of content, we’ve been playing for months. Very happy with my purchase. No regrets. Happy reading!”

Ellie Fitzsimmons,New York, USA – 20 March 2014

Incredible stepwise program. Phonics to phonemic awareness to reading and spelling. Perfect for all ages, fun, engaging and different for each level!”

Sarah Clohessy, Perth, Australia – 12 February 2014

My child can’t put it down. He is now not only able to read words but has the confidence to begin reading! It’s an amazing program! Schools should recommend this to parents.”

Ding Lee, Harrow, UK – 10 January 2014

Me and my 6 year old son love this program! I love that it is progressive and he has something to look forward to accomplishing at the end… This is a well organized app and easy to use. The animation is nice and professional looking. Perfect!”

Angela Price, Tennesse, USA – 4 Jan 2014

This is a real gem for kids learning to read, they thought they are just playing games but actually learnt a lot of Phonics skill to read and spell. Highly recommended! Thanks for the guys who made this program!”

James McDonald, Sydney, Australia – 18 December 2013

I can’t believe how well he’s doing. Honestly, he’s doing so well. It’s because of the program.

Abby Issa, NSW, Australia – October 4th 2013.”

My son absolutely LOVES it! So far, he especially likes swatting the flies. Oh, and the ghosts… and being able to “buy” some inline skates and a drumkit for his hideout!”

Melissa Kelly, Vic, Australia – 30 June 2013

Leo has suddenly upped the ante on Phonics Hero and wants to play it every waking moment. He LOVES the shop and buying the stuff to put in his hideout. He is super-excited about unlocking the second hero!”

Laura Shore, Bournemouth, UK – 15 May 2013

Parents Looking for Catch-up Help

My wife home schools our special needs child and Phonics Hero has been amazing. We have tried many other products and nothing works as well as Phonics Hero. We are from the United States and we laugh that we literally had to go halfway around the world to find a product that works!”

James Whitfield, United States – 19 May 2015

My 7 year old son spelt the words “smash”, “brush” and “shampoo” on his own today. Three months ago, he couldn’t spell “hut” or “cat”… he is sounding things out beautifully. I am eternally grateful to Phonics Hero.”

Eleanor Jenningkins, Qld, Australia – 29 May 2014

Our daughter enjoys this so much. She is 4 1/2 and has just started school this year. She had some problems with hearing and synthesising phonemes. Between speech therapy and Phonics Hero she has improved her abilities majorly to the point where she keeps up with the class easily. Given her age and speech errors this is an awesome achievement!”

Ruth Salonga York, UK – 10 September 2014

My daughter was 4.5 years old when she started Kindergarten this year. At the end of last year, after 2 years of ‘waiting / monitoring her speech (everyone was saying I was being prematurely concerned about her speech development), I decided to have her assessed by a speech therapist. While some of the issues were related to tongue position, she also had a phonological problem. She could hear the sounds c a t, but could not string them together to hear a word, yet was on the whole assessed as ready for school. My daughters’ Godfather is a Primary school teacher, and he is the one who suggested Phonics Hero to us. Between working with the speech therapist and using Phonics Hero, my daughter is now able to sound out words using phonemes and identify them. She really enjoyed freeing the superheroes (Part 1), and all the rescue missions in Part 2. She was so engaged that I really had to be persistent when she needed change task and do anything else. She was asking to play Phonics Hero not watch TV as her reward ‘treat’. Overall this program has helped her confidence in reading and the background skills required to be able to do so. She used to pick up a book / object with writing on it and pass it to her sister to read to her. With her new found confidence, on the weekend I saw her pick up a cereal box and start to read it for herself. Of course there were words she didn’t know (she’s only in Kindergarten), but she discovered that the were many words (camera words) that she did know. This gave her additional confidence to attempt sounding out the unknown words. Although she required some support with non-camera words, with minimal encouragement she kept on reading the whole blurb and did not give up! That is something! A big something for someone who had struggled so much with hearing the actual ‘sounds’ that make up words. Thumbs up to Phonics Hero.”

Ruth Watson, NSW, Australia – 7 May 2014

My youngest daughter has been diagnosed with SPD and has been lacking support at school. After many months of testing and finally getting her IQ score I was sent on a mission to find a good phonics program that would help her catch up on what she had missed. She loves the program and uses it at home regularly, finally hearing the blends correctly. Her teacher at school is also very impressed. Thank you for a terrific program.”

Pam Luders, Queensland, Australia – 3 August 2013

Like a lot of four year old boys my son can be a reluctant reader and writer. Getting him to engage in phonics activities can be a frustrating experience for us both. That is, however, until we discovered Phonics Hero. I have never seen him so excited by, and so involved in a phonics activity.”

Rebecca Tomais, Hong Kong – 26 April 2013

Jonathan’s spelling – he’s getting it now. It’s like he’s had the ‘ah-ha’ moment. Phonics Hero has taught him spelling doesn’t need to be tough!”

Robin Serpell, UK – 14 April 2013

Homeschooling Parents

As a homeschooling parent, I now feel confident to develop my children’s literacy using Phonics Hero. We feel focused, on-track and secure with this program.”

Yusreen Lotun, SA, Australia, 23 October 2013

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