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We want to let you know that the students at our Academy who use Phonics Hero consistently make really solid learning progress

Michael Sullivan, Director of Mr Michael’s Academy, Hong Kong – 8 January 2014

I’ve tried a few of the games at the various levels. I really appreciate how step by step they are in skill development. I also watched some of the teaching tips for parents… they are GREAT!

Libby Brook, Private Tutor, USA – 3 January 2014

The children love it, it allows for whole class interaction and it’s multi-sensory. It reinforces our explicit teaching to give the extra practice children need.

Wendy Altman, Kesseh Torah College, Sydney, Australia – 18 December 2013

The children had so much fun playing with Phonics Hero today! This is by far THE BEST app for teaching early reading skills. We are using it as a teaching tool in the first and last 5 min of every class now, but you might like to let them have a go at home.

Emily Wright, Director of Kinderschool, Vic, Australia – 19 November 2012

With Phonics Hero your child will not only re-enforce and practice his newly acquired knowledge, he will also have hours of fun and not even notice how much he is learning too.

Teacher and author of “The Hare and the Tortoise” – 3 November 2012

I just recommended this to all our followers and clients, as it is such a fabulous program. My 5 year old is LOVING it and I am so impressed at how each skill is addressed through the games! Well done! About time there was something this great on the market!

Owner of – 7 May 2012

My kids just love Phonics Hero. They’re highly engaged and their work has just come on so well because of that engagement. I use it to reinforce; I do the introduction myself and then I use it to reinforce. I then use it for assistance with some children who are having problems learning their phonemes. That they have some extra time with it too, so it’s become an extra teacher for me.

Sue Yee, Grays Point Public School, Sydney, 11 January 2012

The children like the variety of games, there’s lots of girl’s games, boy’s games. They don’t think they are learning, they think they are playing games.

Vicki Illias, Greys Point Public School, Sydney, 11 January 2012

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