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I introduce it to kids in the first year of school, and by year 4 they are still asking me to play it. Especially the boys.

Jacqui Stewart, Learning Support Teacher, Hong Kong

It is one of my very, very favourite apps for children aged 4-7 (and even little older) who are still learning the absolute basics about letters and sound… It has simple graphics and activities, crisp sounds, funny rewards, helpful hints, and a well-organised teaching sequence… There are bubbles to pop, flies to swat, laughing ghosts, treasure chests, ladybirds to colour in, an ice-cream-eating giraffe, a brick-smashing troll, a brewing witch and lambs to spray-paint… Well done.

Speech Pathologist, Alison Clarke, Spelfabet – 19 April 2013

Phonics Hero has been a great motivator for some of my reluctant learners and another avenue to keep students engaged in the complex task of learning to read, write and spell. I am impressed by the way that sounds can be easily manipulated within words, so that students continue to develop their phonemic awareness alongside their phonic skills.

Learning Difficulties Consultant, Kristin Anthian, 13 November 2012.

Boys and girls are equally motivated and I even had one of our most reluctant readers ask if he could use his lunch break to play the Troll Game.

Jacqui Stewart, Year 1 teacher, Candadian International School, Hong Kong, 7 March 2012

The feedback on Phonics Hero was instant, particularly from one parent whose child has lots of learning issues. She was just taken aback by the improvement in her son over a two week period.

Sue Yee, Gray’s Point Public School, Sydney, 11 January 2012

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