Certificates & Rewards

Get children motivated and reward them for their hard work and progress using our ready-made, printable certificates. Whether they’ve achieved the best star point score, or they’re simply your ‘Phonics Hero of the Week’, make a big deal out of presenting children with their certificates and you’ll soon find their time and effort spent on Phonics Hero will soar!
Phonics Hero Certificates

This year I have started giving out certificates for each level which I didn’t do last year and it is amazing how keen they have become!”

Annette De Thier, Teacher at Japanese International School

Certificates in Colour

  • Phonics Hero of the Week – pick your Phonics Hero based on effort, a new user, high game play or any other criteria you decide. We suggest you set aside a few minutes each week to make a fuss of presenting the Hero’s certificate and, before you know it, they’ll be clambering over each other to get the prestigious award. Once you’ve picked the Hero, print our poster, pop their photo in the space provided and display it proudly for all to see!
  • Level Hero – awarded to children for reaching a certain level.
  • Most Improved Hero – for the child whose results are most improving.
  • Progress Hero – which child has progressed the furthest? (Perhaps give it a timeframe.)
  • Star Hero – how many stars can the children in your class achieve?

Certificates in Black & White

Level Completion Prizes

You also have the option to reward children for every level they complete with a certificate/poster and/or a colouring page. Access these through the reporting section of your Teacher Account; when a child (or your whole class) completes a level, the “Download” button next to each row of scores becomes clickable and allows you to download both the colour prize and black and white version for children to colour in.

Phonics Hero Prizes

Parents can also access these at home by logging into the Child Account on a computer and heading to the Report page.

Completing ALL of Phonics Hero

With three years of content, it will take a while, but eventually the students will rescue the heroes, lock up the baddies and capture Dr. Lazybones. You may like to present the student with a Certificate of Completion in your school assembly.

ultimate phonics hero

Do you have any other ideas of reward resources you’d like to see? Let us know and we may be able to create them and add it to the bank of resources above.