Phonics Easter Egg Hunt

If you’re in lockdown, the days might feel as though they’re all blurring together – but it’s Easter Sunday in a few days. This Easter-themed phonics activity is sure to make the day stand out in children’s memories – especially when there’s chocolate involved!

The Phonics Easter Egg Hunt

This is similar to our Phonics Treasure Hunt but is a little more labour intensive and a tiny bit brain-boggling for the grown-ups but your kid should love it.

Easter Egg Hunt in Action

The Setup

You’ll need to spend some a little time getting this ready – so make sure your kid is distracted.

Download the Phonics Easter Egg Hunt Cards

First: Cut or write each Word Card out.

Second: Put the ‘bin’ card to one side; this will be your first clue.

Third: In each location, place the next Word Card and an egg. In the PDF download there is a crib sheet – use it, trust me, I tested it – it will hurt your head if you don’t!

Finally: Time to start hunting! Hand your child the first Word Card (’bin’) to decode – at the bin, they’ll find the next clue (’can’) and an egg. Repeat until every word is decoded and every egg found!

Easier version: Hide the eggs in each location and children read from the list to find the egg. Less sweat for the grown-up!

The Levels of Difficulty

Jenny, from our team, has done some of the work for you and created decodable word cards in a variety of difficulty levels, with inside and outside words. Choose the one most appropriate for you child or do more than one Easter Egg Hunt!

Page 1: 10 easy words: three-sound (or CVC) words e.g. ‘mop’.

Page 2: 10 harder words: words which either use digraphs (two letters representing a sound) e.g. ‘f-or-k’ or words which consist of four sounds e.g. ‘s-t-e-p’.

Page 3: 10 outside words e.g. ‘twig’, for when you’re ready to get a little sunshine.

Pre-readers: If you have a younger child, who hasn’t started learning to read yet, they can join in too! Rather than use word cards, give them the sounds and they can blend it in their head, like my daughter demonstrates here:

YouTube video

Have fun and don’t forget to reward yourself with a bit of chocolate for all your hard work!

Author: Katherine Wood

Katherine is the CEO and co-founder of Phonics Hero. She has worked in phonics for over 15 years, working with hundreds of schools across the globe to support them in their implementation of synthetic phonics.

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