Phonics Treasure Hunt

'Phonics Treasure Hunt

This homeschooling malarkey is hard isn’t it? I’m working and trying to keep my 4 year-old’s phonics, writing and maths going – no easy feat! Yesterday, I came up with a phonics treasure hunt – it’s an independent activity, got her decoding and gave me some peace!

Introducing the Phonics Treasure Hunt

The idea is simple: come up with a list of common household items for a phonics treasure hunt (or scavenger hunt, for any Americans tuning in), have your child decode the name of each item as they hunt and take a picture!

Finding the Right (Phonics) Words

We know you’ve got your hands full at the moment, so Jenny from our team created a set of cards using decodable phonics words, in a variety of difficulty levels and in various places in the house to buy you some more time!

Page 1

Four sets of easy words: three-sound (or CVC) words e.g. ‘mop’.

Page 2

Four sets of harder words: words which either use digraphs (two letters representing a sound) e.g. ‘f-or-k’ or words which consist of four sounds e.g. ‘s-t-e-p’.

Page 3

Two more sets of the harder words and two sets of outside words e.g. ‘twig’, for when it’s time to stretch your legs.

Download the Phonics Treasure Hunt Cards

As your child finds each item they might like to take a picture.


Apologies if we ruined your photo stream, but you got 10 minutes of peace right?

Update – FaceTime Inspiration!

With relatives wanting to help out with childcare, we also came up with a digital take on this. My daughter read the words to her uncle over FaceTime and he hunted them down. They both loved it!

Author: Katherine Wood

Katherine is the CEO and co-founder of Phonics Hero. She has worked in phonics for over 15 years, working with hundreds of schools across the globe to support them in their implementation of synthetic phonics.

3 thoughts on "Phonics Treasure Hunt"

  1. Lisabeth Brown says:

    These are terrific! Thank you. This will give the families of my kinder-bears so much needed fun and fitness and ‘foto’ time, too.

  2. Lisabeth Brown says:

    Thank you. These are going to be a terrific brain break for the families of my kinder-bears.

  3. Daryl says:

    Thank you

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