Are There Any Supporting Resources?

Through your account you have access to resources that will help you support your child throughout their phonics journey. To access these resources, log in to your account on a computer, then look at these menu items on the left:

  • Getting Started – practical help with using Phonics Hero; user guides, videos and tips

  • Extra Resources
    • How to Help – tips and advice from our experts to explain the skills covered in Phonics Hero and how you can be helping your child.
    • Overview of Levels – a summary of which sounds are taught at which level.
    • Pronounce the Sounds – videos and sound files to help ensure you and your child are pronouncing and blending the sounds correctly.
    • Buy Worksheets – over 200 worksheets themselves available in two orders: Playing with Sounds (Australia and Hong Kong) or Letters and Sounds (rest of the world).
    • Buy our no-prep Phonics Lessons – the paid add-on which gives you the structure and resources you need to teach phonics to your child at home.


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