Adding Your Students’ Data Yourself

If you would like to upload your student’s data yourself, you firstly need to message us with:

  1. The email associated with your Phonics Hero account
  2. A short code* you would like to use and the number of Child Accounts you would like to add.

    *A short code is a unique 4+ letter identifier for your school which will be used for children’s login details. For example, Redfern Public School uses the short code ‘redfern’ with logins ‘redfern1’, ‘redfern2’, and so on. Be mindful that it’s not too difficult to remember for your youngest students.

Once you have a confirmed short code:

Log in > Manage Accounts

  1. Add all the teachers who you want to have access. If any teachers already have an account with Phonics Hero, we will need to manually move them to your account. Email us at to request this.
  2. Add Teacher

  3. Create each of the classes you need.
  4. Add Class

  5. We will have created a class called ‘Spares’ with all your Child Accounts already created. Your job now is to allocate the spare accounts to each of the classes in your school. Expand the spares class.
  6. Spares expanded

  7. Select the number of children needed for your first class. For example, in our example Fireflies class, there are 30 children, so 30 spares are selected.

  8. Choose ‘Change Class’ and select their new class. In this example you would select Fireflies. These 30 Child Accounts will now be in the Fireflies class.

  9. You will now need to expand the desired class and click each username to add a name for each of the Child Accounts.

  10. Repeat these steps for each class of students.

  11. Once you are satisfied with your classes, you can download login information and use our letter to send home to parents.

Author: Phonics Hero

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