Developing the Skill of Segmenting

Quick and accurate spelling comes with solid segmenting skills. But like the 44 phonemes, these need to be taught – not ‘caught’. Teacher Santina explains why segmenting skills are so critical and offers her top classroom activities.

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Teaching Handwriting: A Phonics Perspective

Teachers agree that handwriting is critical, even in a digital age. But what does the research say about its relationship with phonics? Santina, a primary school teacher, explores how handwriting fits alongside a phonics program and offers some multi-sensory activities to use in your classroom.

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Helping the Blending Penny Drop!

Blending is a crucial skill that every child needs to start reading unknown words. If a child can’t blend – they are going to struggle with reading. Teacher Santina explains blending, how to teach it and how to support children for whom the blending penny is not dropping.

blending summary picture

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How to Use Decodable Books

Decodable books/readers are a firm favourite in the UK and are slowly inching their way into Australian and US classrooms. Primary school teacher and phonics trainer, Santina DiMauro, gives teachers a step-by-step guide on how to use decodable books in the classroom.

parents powerpoint

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