Progress Reporting

Track the progress of your students as a whole class or individually.

Whole Class Report

Log in > Reporting > Class Reports

Use the drop-down menus at the top of the page:

  • Class – shows the class’s average percentage score for each level and skill.
  • Level – shows each child’s score for all skills within that level.
  • Skill – shows each child’s score for the sub-skills e.g. a specific sound or camera/tricky word.

Top tip: Export this data by clicking the blue ‘Export Report’ button at the top right.

Individual Student Report

Log in > Reporting > Individual Reports

Use the individual reports to focus on one child. It works in the same way as the class reports, but selecting a level in the 3rd drop-down, you will see a more detailed analysis of the skills where you can also analyse their playing history: what score did they get the first time they played the game, what score did they get most recently and how many attempts it took to improve.

Note: To track how often and for how long children are playing Phonics Hero, download Student Usage Reports.

See the reporting feature in action: 

YouTube video

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