Administrators: Purchasing Child Accounts on Behalf of Teachers

If you are an administrator at a school and need to purchase Child Accounts on behalf of your teachers, please get in touch with the following:

  • The teachers’ emails associated with your school’s Phonics Hero account.

  • If you don’t have one, a short code you would like to use and the number of Child Accounts you would like to add. A short code is a unique 4+ letter identifier for your school which will be used for children’s login details.

    For example, Redfern Public School uses the short code ‘redfern’ with logins ‘redfern1’, ‘redfern2’, and so on. Be mindful that it’s not too difficult to remember for your youngest students.

  • The number of Child Accounts you would like.

We will then do the setup and send over your invoice.

Note: If you require a PO on your invoice, please include it when you purchase or email it to us at

Alternatively, teachers do the setup themselves by following these steps.

Author: Phonics Hero

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