What’s Free and What’s Not

We offer our core resources for free, as well as paid add-ons within your Teacher Account. Log in to access your Teacher Account or create a new account.

Our Free Core Resources

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For use by teachers on a computer and/or an interactive whiteboard. It provides access for one teacher to:

  • Play all 850 games – the games are unlocked so you can pick and choose which game you want to play.
  • 200 printable worksheets – to use as a whole class, a reading rotation activity or homework.
  • Phonics assessment tools – to monitor your class’ progress.

Paid Add-on: Child Accounts

The Child Accounts are accounts for each child in your class; you can trial them for free before purchasing.

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Child Accounts enable kids to work at their own pace as they complete their superhero phonics adventure – at home or school, on a computer or our app.

Child Accounts features:

  • Monitor progress with in-depth reporting.
  • Manage accounts with teacher management tools.
  • Games are played sequentially, ensuring competency at the basics, before moving onto the more complex content.

Paid Add-on: No-Prep Phonics Lessons

Our click-and-go Phonics Lessons are available for purchase, but you can trial it for free first.

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What’s included in our no-prep Phonics Lessons:

  • Unlimited access to three years of phonics curriculum
  • 3,700 decodable words with sounds, blending, segmenting and picture support
  • 1,500 nonsense words to check your class’s decoding skills
  • 2,400 word and picture-supported sentences to apply children’s learning
  • Tricky words included; explicitly teach them as single words and then in sentences
  • Everything differentiated so you can effortlessly switch your lesson up or down

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