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What’s Included in Your Teacher Account:

850 Class Games

Class playing games free for teachers Reinforce your class’ learning with 850 whole-class games that kids love!

220 Worksheets

Children completing worksheets free for teachers Children apply learning with over 200 free and fun worksheets.

Assessment Tools

Teacher assessing a student free for teachers Assessment resources help ensure children are on target.

No-Prep Phonics Lessons

Child and teacher using the phonics lessons Our click-and-go Phonics Lessons make preparing for and teaching phonics effortless.

Child Accounts

child accounts Each child gets their own Phonics Hero account for individual play at home or at school. Teachers get management and monitoring tools, too!

What Teachers Are Saying About Phonics Hero:

Why Use Phonics Hero?

  • Uses systematic synthetic phonics, the most effective, evidence-based method for teaching early reading and spelling.
  • Used by teachers to structure phonics lessons and by students to practice and apply learned skills.
  • A HUGE variety of unique, child-approved games.
  • Trusted by over 12,000 educators across the globe.
  • Built for teachers who want to actively manage and monitor their students’ online phonics learning.

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Our Resources Come in Two Orders of Sounds:


Letters and Sounds:

s a t p i n m d


Playing with Sounds:

s m c t g p a o

Compare the two orders.

Send us a message if you’d like our resources mapped to a different order of sounds.

Industry Recognised

Bett 2019 Finalist
One of my very, very favourite apps for children aged 4-7.” Alison Clarke, Speech Pathologist, Spelfabet

Try Our Systematic, Synthetic Phonics Games

step1Step 1 – Knowing the sounds
step 1 - learn the sounds with Phonics Hero

Children learn the sound and match it to the letter(s).

step 2 - reading with Phonics HeroStep 2 – Reading words with these sounds

Using the group of learned sounds, children begin blending simple CVC words.

step 3- spelling with Phonics HeroStep 3 – Spelling words with these sounds

Next, children use the learned sounds to begin segmenting words to spell.

step 4- reading tricky words with Phonics HeroStep 4 – Reading camera/tricky words

Children practise reading these tricky, but essential, words.

step 5 - spelling tricky words with Phonics HeroStep 5 – Spell camera/tricky words

Next, children learn to spell these tricky words so they can move onto writing sentences.

step6Step 6 – Sentence reading

We put all these skills together to read sentences!

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