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Consolidate learning with 850 whole-class games that kids love!  

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More practice with over 200 free and fun worksheets.

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Assessment resources ensure every child is on target.  

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Our click-and-go Phonics Lessons make preparing for and teaching phonics effortless.

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Each child gets their own Phonics Hero account for hours-upon-hours of practice at home or school.

Our Resources Are Mapped to:


Letters and Sounds:

s a t p i n m d


Playing with Sounds:

s m c t g p a o


NSW Syllabus, Australia:

s a t p i

And You Can Choose Your Accent:

United Kingdom






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Why Use Phonics Hero?

Based on the Science of Reading

We use systematic, synthetic phonics; with its rigorous and explicit approach, the evidence shows it’s the fastest and most effective way to learn to read and spell.

Affordable For Every Classroom

We’ve made our core resources free then, for less than a monthly cup of coffee, you can purchase our add-ons to rocket-power your students’ learning.

Differentiation at Every Step

Phonics for every ability; tailor your lessons to make them easier or harder, adjust levels and advance to sentences.

For the Savvy Phonics Teacher

Built for teachers who want more than “an app”; who want to actively manage and monitor their students’ online phonics learning.

Practise Phonics Foremost, Not Gaming Skills

Are your digital resources testing phonics skills or hand-eye coordination? Our phonics games strike the perfect balance between learning to read and game-play.

Loved by Little and Big Kids Alike

“Love it, love it, love it” is the feedback we hear time and time again. We keep every child engaged with our unique, varied and a-little-bit-whacky games, which are wrapped up in captivating superhero storyline!

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The Phonics Lessons:

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One of my very, very favourite apps for children aged 4-7.” Alison Clarke, Speech Pathologist, Spelfabet

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