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Note: Homeschoolers should sign up for a parent account or our homeschool package.

What’s Included in Your Teacher Account:

850 Class Games

Class playing games free for teachers

Reinforce your class’ learning of the sounds, reading, spelling, tricky words and sentences with 850 games that kids love!

220 Worksheets

Children completing worksheets free for teachers

Children can apply their new skills with over 200 free and fun worksheets.

Assessment Tools

Teacher completing assessment free for teachers

Pre- and post-assessment resources help ensure children are on target.

No-Prep Phonics Lessons


Our click-and-go Phonics Lessons make preparing for and teaching the sounds, blending and segmenting effortless.

Lessons include: 3,500 decodable words, 1,000 nonsense words and 2,000 decodable sentences, alongside pronunciation videos and audio and picture support.

Priced per teacher. Start a 30 day trial with your Teacher Account.

Child Accounts

child accounts

Children receive their own logins to play at home or at school, using a computer or the app.

The captivating storyline and games guide children as they learn, whilst teachers can monitor progress with real-time reporting.

Priced per child. Start a 30 day trial with your Teacher Account.

Industry Recognised:

Bett 2019 Finalist

Teacher Approved:

The Phonics Lessons make my day so much easier!”

Heather Porter-Kay, Holy Sprint Infants, NSW

It was an absolute lifesaver during the last lockdown.”

Jennifer Allard, Broughton Anglican College, NSW

Why use Phonics Hero?

  • Uses systematic synthetic phonics, the most effective, evidence-based method for teaching early reading and spelling.
  • Can be used by teachers to structure phonics lessons and by students to practice and apply learned skills.
  • A HUGE variety of unique, child-approved games.
  • Trusted by over 12,000 educators across the globe.
  • Built for teachers who want to actively manage and monitor their students’ online phonics learning.

Our Resources Come in Two Orders of Sounds:


Letters and Sounds:

s a t p i n m d


Playing with Sounds:

s m c t g p a o

Try Our Systematic, Synthetic Phonics Games

step1Step 1 – Knowing the sounds
step 1 - learn the sounds with Phonics Hero

Children learn the sound and match it to the letter(s).

step 2 - reading with Phonics HeroStep 2 – Reading words with these sounds

Using the group of learned sounds, children begin blending simple CVC words.

step 3- spelling with Phonics HeroStep 3 – Spelling words with these sounds

Next, children use the learned sounds to begin segmenting words to spell.

step 4- reading tricky words with Phonics HeroStep 4 – Reading camera/tricky words

Children practise reading these tricky, but essential, words.

step 5 - spelling tricky words with Phonics HeroStep 5 – Spell camera/tricky words

Next, children learn to spell these tricky words so they can move onto writing sentences.

step6Step 6 – Sentence reading

We put all these skills together to read sentences!

What Teachers Are Saying About Phonics Hero:

  • Phonics Hero is great for teaching young children to read and help them to practice their phonics. Children are all very engaged in the activities😀 and enjoy helping out to rescue the Heroes.

    Gustaf M. Avatar
    Gustaf M.
    04 Oct 2021

    Phonics Hero has been a fabulous resource for Kindergarten to use during Remote Learning. From a teaching perspective, it uses the evidence-based systematic synthetic phonics approach to teach students to read and spell AND the activities are fun and engaging... read more

    Brooke A. Avatar
    Brooke A.
    03 Oct 2021

    My experience of Phonics Hero has been fab! The assessment at the beginning allows the children to start at the right point and I like how you can login and adjust the level if needed. It is particularly good for... read more

    Niki Avatar
    26 Apr 2021
  • I have seen a huge improvement in my Kindy children’s letter recognition and the speed in which they are now able to locate and remember.

    Susan C.
    Rangeway Primary School, Australia
    15 Apr 2021

    I am using this with one child at the moment and she has made such incredible progress. She loves being able to check her progress towards goals and is keen to play on. Of course, she also gets excited when... read more

    Rachel Avatar
    11 Jun 2020

    positive review I have been using Phonics Hero for a few years now, and I can honestly say that the kids LOVE it! I love how sequential and engaging it is. It makes my job so much easier! Other teachers that I... read more

    Sharon Magyar Avatar
    Sharon M.
    22 May 2020
  • I’m so excited – in a matter of one month of using the Child Accounts, my students’ reading levels have increased 1 reading level.

    Valerie W.
    Juan Seguin Elementary, United States
    19 May 2020

    positive review My kindergarten class has been using Phonics Hero since we started Distance Learning in March. It has made such a difference since I am not there for whole group or small group.

    They have been sharing their growth in...
    read more

    Betsy Lutz Brown Avatar
    Betsy L.
    11 May 2020

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