The App is Just Not Working

If you’re having problems with the app, we recommend trying these steps in order:

1) Check You Have the Latest App

Go the App Store and check you have the latest version. If you do, and it’s still not working; delete the app and install from scratch.

2) Restart the App

Here’s how to do it on an iPad and on an Android device.

3) Update the Operating System


You need to be using iOS 13 or later.


You need to be using Android 9 or later.

4) Schools – Check Whitelisting

Ensure the following URLs are on your safe list:

  • https//*

Try playing the games on a computer. If they work on a computer, but not the tablet, it is also worth checking that the tablets are connected to the same network that has these URLs whitelisted.

5) NSW DET Schools – Authenticate the iPad Before Logging in to Phonics Hero

In term 3 2023, the old DET proxy setup was changed. Now, on a daily basis, all iPads need to be authenticated/logged into before any apps/websites will work.

Still Having Problems:

We are here to help. We need to know:

  1. What the problem is: downloading the app, logging in or playing a game/activity.
  2. Your username. If you are a school having problems; some examples of usernames with the issue.
  3. If it’s an iPad or Android device with the problem. If an Android device – the model number.
  4. The operating system you are using.
  5. The version of the app you are using. To find it, open the app and the version number is in the bottom right corner.
  6. Let us know if you are able to view the website through a computer using the same wifi.

Get in touch.

Author: Phonics Hero

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