Navigating the App

The Phonics Hero App only has the child features, if you want to see their results from Phonics Hero, get extra resources and support please log in through the website.

Navigating the app:



level selection

Access other levels. Your child can only access previously played or unlocked levels. They cannot jump ahead to content they have not covered yet.


Return to current playing level.


Visit the shop to buy goodies with Star Points earned during the games. Purchased goods will appear in the hideout.


This is your child’s secret hideout. The heroes from Part 1 will appear here when they are unlocked. Anything purchased in the shop will also appear here.


The badies will be locked up in here, at the end of every level in Part 2.

Star: Current score

Star Points earned from finding Zak (the teddy hero) within the game and completing a game.


Adjust background music, watch mission videos and learn more

Log out

Log out

Know skill

Know skill: learn to associated the letter(s) with a sound.

Read skill

Read skill: Use previously learned sounds to read simple words.

Spell skill

Spell skill: Use previously learned sounds to spell simple words.

Camera read skill

Camera/Tricky Read skill: reading high frequency words which aren’t 100% decodable.

Camera spell skill

Camera/Tricky Spelling skill: spelling these irregular words.

Sentence reading skill

Sentence Reading skill: use Camera/Tricky words and phonics skills to read and comprehend sentences.

Play a game. Orange highlight around the box tells you the current game.

Play a game: Orange highlight around the icon tells you the current game.

Locked icon tells you that you cannot play this game until previous games have been played.

Locked icon: Tells you that you cannot play this game until previous games have been played.

Completed game

Completed game: this game can be repeated if desired.

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