ABN, GST & NSW EdConnect Info

ABN: 21 553 040 293

GST: As of the 1st August 2023 Phonics Hero will be charging GST on all invoices sent to schools. Our prices are GST exclusive, therefore invoices will include an additional 10% to the listed prices. This will be detailed and clearly broken down on each invoice sent.

NSW EdConnect Vendor Number: 100534014
Please note: The number above is current as of September 2023. If you need our previous vendor number for historical invoice purposes, use: 100333715.

NSW Public Schools Purchasing

Phonics Hero is an approved supplier for the NSW DoE. Public schools should use EdBuy to request quotes and purchase from Phonics Hero. To get started, log in to the NSW DoE portal and visit Phonics Hero in the Online Tools Marketplace. From there you can click the ‘Buy Now’ button to request your quote or place an order through EdBuy. 

For any enquiries relating to the information in this article, please contact the Accounts Team directly on accounts@phonicshero.com.

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