How to Change the Accent in Phonics Hero

Phonics Hero is available in an English, Australian and a General American accent. Additionally, we’ve excluded words where the British spelling differs from the American spelling (e.g. ‘colour’).

Preview and Compare the Accents

Changing the Accent

Log in > Manage Account

To change your accent:

  1. Log in through our website.

  2. Click ‘Manage Account’ in the left-hand menu.

  3. Click the blue ‘Edit Details’ button.

  4. A pop-up window with your account details will appear. Click the dropdown menu under ‘Accent’ and select your desired accent.

  5. Click the blue ‘Save’ button.

Your Phonics Hero account will now be in your chosen accent when you log in on a computer. This update will be available in the Phonics Hero app soon!

See the steps in action:

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