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Give each child their own Phonics Hero login – daily practice, at home or at school, of systematic, synthetic phonics: the sounds, blending, segmenting, tricky words and sentences.

Register your class for the 30-day trial and we will extend the trial until the 21st of January. Note: this is a manual process, so a member of our team will email you once it’s extended.


Why use Phonics Hero?

A Theme Kids Love

Class playing games free for teachers

Who doesn’t love a superhero? Phonics Hero’s games are built around an engaging storyline that children love; rescuing superheroes and locking up baddies. It means that our own little heroes get on average, 39 hours of extra phonics practice.

Every Game Is Unique

Children completing worksheets free for teachers

Children’s taste can change quickly. That’s why each of our 850 games are unique, so Phonics Hero always feels fresh for our 30,000 children.

Management Tools

Teacher completing assessment free for teachers

Our management tools give teachers the power to individualise learning. Teachers get access to a full suite of management tools to adjust levels, reset accounts and schedule home learning.

Real Time Reporting

Knowledge is power. Every click is tracked so teachers and parents have access to in-depth reporting on how children are progressing.

Industry Recognised:

Bett 2019 Finalist

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Our team will show you how the Child Accounts work, the management and monitoring tools for teachers and the difference it will make to your students’ literacy skills.

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What Makes our Phonics Games Different:

  • Our games are easy on fine-motor skills. We want to test phonics not hand-eye coordination!
  • We cover every aspect of phases 2-5 of Letters and Sounds and all 26 units of Playing with Sounds.
  • Many games shy away from teaching tricky words, spelling and sentences – these are core to Phonics Hero alongside the sounds and blending.
  • Children are stopped from jumping too far ahead; we ensure competency at the basics before moving onto more complex content.

Our Games Come in Two Orders of Sounds:


Letters and Sounds:

s a t p i n m d


Playing with Sounds:

s m c t g p a o

Try Our Systematic, Synthetic Phonics Games

step1Step 1 – Knowing the sounds
step 1 - learn the sounds with Phonics Hero

Children learn the sound and match it to the letter(s).

step 2 - reading with Phonics HeroStep 2 – Reading words with these sounds

Using the group of learned sounds, children begin blending simple CVC words.

step 3- spelling with Phonics HeroStep 3 – Spelling words with these sounds

Next, children use the learned sounds to begin segmenting words to spell.

step 4- reading tricky words with Phonics HeroStep 4 – Reading camera/tricky words

Children practise reading these tricky, but essential, words.

step 5 - spelling tricky words with Phonics HeroStep 5 – Spell camera/tricky words

Next, children learn to spell these tricky words so they can move onto writing sentences.

step6Step 6 – Sentence reading

We put all these skills together to read sentences!

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