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The kids absolutely love it! It has definitely improved their phonics skills and makes learning phonics a lot more fun!

Joanna Yu, Tutor, ESL Kidz Learning Centre, Hong Kong – 17 October 2016

I’ve tried a few of the games at the various levels. I really appreciate how step by step they are in skill development. I also watched some of the teaching tips for parents… they are GREAT!

Libby Brook, Private Tutor, USA – 3 January 2014

The children had so much fun playing with Phonics Hero today! This is by far THE BEST program for teaching early reading skills. We are using it as a teaching tool in the first and last 5 min of every class now, but you might like to let them have a go at home.

Emily Wright (Owner of tutoring centre Kinderschool), Vic, Australia – 3 November 2013

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