Schools FAQ

I want to use it with older children but don’t want them to start at the first level. Is this possible?

Yes, with Teachers+ it is very easy to have children begin Phonics Hero at different levels. This can be done individually or as a whole class by simply selecting which level you wish them to start on. Alternatively, they can play the assessment game when they first use Phonics Hero, and this will place them at the correct level according to their ability.

Can I use Phonics Hero on my interactive whiteboard to incorporate it into my teaching?

Yes, sign up for a free account here to play the games on your interactive whiteboard.

How do we pay?

For quotes over AUD $150 / HKD $1,200 / GB £50, we will invoice the school.

Can I use the iPad/Android app in my classroom?

The Teacher Account will not work with the iPad/Android app. However, the paid-for Child Account and Free Play Accounts will work – in the classroom or at home. Learn more here.

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